Build A Better Back | Full Workout | Jordan Metcalfe



Hey everyone,

For anyone that is interested here is my latest back workout which is focusing on overall balance. Back routines are right up there with the content that is most requested so hopefully you like it.

I explain a little bit of how to execute each exercise and what to focus on specifically so that should get a bit more insight on how to really get the most out of your back training.

From personal experience back is one of those muscle groups that requires a lot of attention to detail, it’s so easy to recruit other muscles therefore limiting the backs growth potential.

Here are a few of my tips for back training:

1, A lot of the time people complain about their forearms blowing out before their back… try your best to loosen off your grip a little, not gripping the bar so hard will limit the tension through the arms and focus more of the contraction through the back.

2, Lead the movement with your elbows, what I say to a lot of my clients personally and online is think that I have a string attached to each elbow and I’m pulling it back. This takes out a large proportion of the arms and puts more emphasis on the back.

3, Don’t leave out the big lifts. I find deadlifts, rack pulls, bent over rows and pull ups (just to name a few) are your “bang for your buck” exercises. What I mean by this is if your only doing a few exercises for back try make sure at least one of these are in there. I see so many isolation movements being performed now a days with the big compounds being somewhat neglected.

4, Focus on eccentric and isometric contractions, this is an awesome way to increase strength and overall mass in the back.

Hope you guys get something out of it, let me know if you have any questions and/or if this helped. ​