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Established in 2015 by its founder Jordan Metcalfe, Iron Playground started out as a platform for helping hundreds of people across the globe with their health and fitness goals. With the development of personalised online training programs, 12 week training guides and a number of other fitness resources, Jordan took the concept of training people online and made it simple, interactive & most importantly, effective.  

2 years later this platform has developed into so much more than Jordan could ever have imagined. Along with launching the iron playground clothing line in March 2018 Iron Playground community has expanded at an incredible rate and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for the near future. 

Iron Playground is on a path of untapped potential that is aligned with its vision of empowering people towards the fact that anything is possible.



The True Meaning Of "Iron Playground"


“The gym was that one place I could go to forget everything. In this playground everyone was equal, we all had the same goal, focus and passion! The sensation reminded me of how I used to feel at the playground when I was a kid, I could spend hours there with not a care in the world and everyone around you was doing the exact same thing...”

A brand that was born from my experiences growing up has developed in meaning more than I could ever imagine. The words “Iron Playground” may represent different things to different people but the way I see things is an Iron Playground is a place of security… It’s somewhere that makes you feel truly strong, inspires you to push your limits and empowers belief that anything is possible.

Everyone should seek their Iron Playground, whether it’s the beach your surfed at as a kid, the top of a mountain you regularly hike or even like me, the place you go to in order to escape… that place will lift you up in times of hardship, humble you in times of success and empower you in times of dismay.

- Jordan Metcalfe

About Jordan Metcalfe

About Jordan Metcalfe




Our Mission

To create a product / service we truly believe in, is consistently innovative & pushes our limits.


Our Vision

To empower people toward the fact that anything is possible.

Be Consistent. Push The Limits. Believe In Yourself.