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"Igniting The Furnace"

14 Weeks / 5 Days per Week


The Ultimate Fat Burning & Muscle Building Guide

This 51 page 14 week training guide includes three Individual five day split programs, finely tuned de-load weeks and 3 separate cardio regimes all designed specifically for building muscle and burning fat.

The guide also includes different nutrition plans all based on your weight, a stretching and foam roll guide, fat loss and muscle building tips, advanced training techniques and much more!

Summary of what is included:

  • 14 week Periodised Training Program Made Up Of 3 Totally Different 5 Day Split Programs To Represent The 3 Different Training Stages

  • De-Load Programs & Guidelines

  • Comprehensive Cardio Regime For Each Individual Training Stage

  • Nutrition Plan - Based On Your Weight

  • Stretching & Foam Roller Guide

  • Fat Loss & Muscle Building Tips

  • Advanced Training Techniques

  • Supplement Advice & Information

  • Nutrition Advice & Information

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