Recovery For A Bigger & Better Physique


#1 Stretching

I find stretching really important in preventing injury and also for recovery.. it helps keep the muscles mobile which then helps you get into the correct positions for things like squats, deadlifts etc. I generally stretch post workout and also after a shower in an evening. I say after a shower because I don’t want to stretch cold muscle… Something as simple as a hot shower can loosen things up and make stretching easier and more effective. I also wouldn’t static stretch pre-workout because in many cases it can reduce strength and with strength being a priority for me right now I leave it for after my workout (little bit different when I’m not focusing on strength). (Video examples of static stretches can be found here)


#2 Rumble Roller

If you guys aren’t familiar with what a Rumble Roller is check them out on Google. These things are awesome! Basically it’s a spiky roller that you can use to massage your back, legs, calfs, shoulders etc

 I have the back one which is the hardest but there is also a blue version that’s a little softer. I use this most evenings in conjunction with stretching as well as both pre/post workout. Its amazing at getting surface knots out of your back and also stretching out that IT band. (Video examples of different foam rolling techniques can be found here)


#3 Massage

Now this is the ultimate recovery tool.. It can be costly but I have heard that you can try go to massage training schools and they can do a full body for like ¼ of the cost of a normal place so that could be an option if your low on cash.

I have a deep tissue massage every Monday and I don’t know how I coped before... Massage helps loosen everything up, reduces the chance of injury, increases separation between muscles, helps with flexibility, increases blood flow and so on… The benefits are endless.


#4 recovery supplements and good diet

Lastly are the supplements and diet, I take Prosupps Hydro BCAA or Amino Linx, Lucine and glutamine, these are great for reducing the likeness of muscle breakdown during exercise, I also make sure I get around 8 hours sleep per night.. The body repairs its self during sleep so this is really important.


In terms of diet is eat clean and healthy. Remember the food you put in your body is the food the body is going to use to repair its self.. The lower quality of food (junk food) the lower quality of recovery and lean muscle gains.


Hope this gives you a few ideas on how to optimize your recovery :)

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Written by: Jordan Metcalfe