Is Coffee bad for you?


Ok guys! COFFEE.. WHAT'S THE DEAL?? is it actually bad for you?

I keep getting this common question thrown at me..

"Is coffee good for you and can you drink it when trying to lose body fat?"

Here is my view on it.

There is nothing wrong with coffee and people definitely shouldn’t be scared of drinking it... it increases energy, helps with burning fat and is also loaded with antioxidants.



Research shows the health benefits of coffee include:

1) Association studies show the more coffee you drink a day, the lower your risk of death by all causes.


2) Coffee improves vascular health, decreases risk of diabetes, and lowers risk of heart disease. Although caffeine may raise blood pressure acutely, it has no long-term effect on blood pressure in the vast majority of people.


3) Coffee is jam packed with antioxidants called caffeic and chlorogenic acid, these lower your risk of a variety of cancers and are linked to HDL increases.


4) Drinking coffee increases the metabolic rate so that your burn more calories and it can help shift the body to burn fat rather than glucose for energy. A series of studies show that supplementing with coffee that is particularly high in antioxidants can lead to significant loss of 4 percent body fat over 6 weeks.


5) Prior to training, whether lifting or doing intervals, a large dose of coffee can increase your performance. The benefit is greater power output, more motivation, and a tendency to self-select heavier loads and push yourself harder in training.


6) Coffee can improve reaction time and concentration, particularly when sleep deprived.


Like anything you want to drink coffee in moderation, just because it has a number of potential benefits doesn’t mean drinking 5 cups per day is good for you… especially if having with sugar.

Limit coffee to 1-2 times per day with limited sugar, this will allow you to reap its benefits without over doing it.


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Written by: Jordan Metcalfe